I look up at the stars tonight,
and stare at the moon and beyond.
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Simpson-Lee House

In the Blue Mountains region of Australia lays a small house that has an incredible ability to adapt to its environment. This vacation home, designed by Glenn Murcutt for Geelum and Sheila Simpson-Lee, is built on the philosophy of minimalism. The Simpson-Lee House is a highly functional structure that incorporates adaptability with only a few materials and a simple design.  Continue reading “Simpson-Lee House”

In Silence

In silence, nature sings.
Slowly and softly, the song begins.
Alive in the breeze, leaves hum and sway.
The home of musicians wants to say,
“Come to listen or harmonize;
the sounds in silence will never die.”


Glass borders the three sides of the living room, providing a continuous view of Bear Run. This thin divider separates the outdoors from within, but from the inside, the flowing sound of the waterfall can still be heard. This is Fallingwater, an elegant house in the woods. Built from only four materials and created to mirror its landscape, Fallingwater is a classic example of structural harmony with nature, and the design evokes the same style of living as the home conveys. Continue reading “Fallingwater”

Makoko Floating School

On the edge of Lagos, Nigeria, the Makoko water community stands as the world’s largest floating slum city. Homes on stilts cluster the area, and tiny boats roam about on the waters. Makoko is home to thousands of people, but the unattractive appearance of the community has caused Nigerian officials to tear down parts of the shanty town. Not only is Makoko threatened by the government, but it is also threatened by flooding. Heavy rainfall can cause damage to the stilted structures. Over time, the wood used to build the homes can rot, and the structures may collapse. As a prototype to recreate the water community, Kunle Adeyemi and the NLÉ architects, designed the Makoko Floating School as a unique structure that can serve many purposes for the community and pose as a model for sustainable living.   Continue reading “Makoko Floating School”